How can I get a Canadian Provincial Nomination?

You can easily get Canadian provincial nomination, provided you must meet all the eligibility requirements of particular province. Each Canada PNP has laid down different pre requisites which you need to check out first if you can fulfill all eligibility criteria’s and get nomination. On being nominated, you need to submit an application for permanent residence to IRCC and an additional 600 points will be awarded to you which help you to boost your overall point score.

Canada PNP frequently invites competent and skilled workers through PNP point grid that based upon your age, education, work experience, Official language ability and other related parameters. The more your PNP points, the higher chances will you get to receive PNP nomination.

There are various popular provinces in Canada under which you can apply such as Saskatchewan PNP, Alberta PNP, Ontario, Manitoba PNP etc. To apply, you can approach for the fast track immigration process of Express Entry under which certain steps are listed out in the following:

  • Check Eligibility for Canada PNP.
  • Submit online Express Entry profile.
  • Get an Express Entry stream nomination or confirmed your nomination.
  • Receive an ITA for permanent residence if you have accepted your nomination.
  • Fill out application and upload required documents.

You may choose below Canada Province to apply with different-different criteria:

To start with this online process, at least 67 points or above is required to score out of 100. The Canada PNP is for those skilled workers who have necessary skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of specific province or territory and for those who have intent to live in that particular province.