How can Canadian Immigration Fraud be Avoided?

It is quite clear that Canada is the most popular immigration destination for many potential applicants. One out of three applicants, foresee their settlement in Canada on a permanent basis. Thus, some potential applicants as well as some fraud consultancy organizations can go up to any level to get Canadian permanent residency. Hence, it is important to protect yourself from such companies and people who try to dupe you in the name of granting Canada Permanent Residency.

Recently, a lot of Canadian immigration fraud cases have come up where the victims have been left emotionally and financially devastated. Although there have been an increase in the immigration frauds, they are still avoidable.

Thus, the Canadian government as well as the reputed and trustable immigration consultants like Aptech Global are working hard to combat immigration fraud. The prime focus is to inform all the potential applicants about unauthorized immigration services of the consultants who creates a rat-trap in the name of providing high-paying jobs and guaranteed visa for a fee and take lump sum amount of money with no perceptible result for the prospective immigrant.

It is always said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so, one should prevent themselves from these frauds by being vigilant and following the below mentioned tips to avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud.

  • Are they regulated?

When going for Canada Permanent Residency process via an immigration consultancy, make sure to ask their IRCC number. This number is an authorized proof of your consultancy being genuine.

  • Ask for your CRS score

Almost every consultancy does a technical evaluation and provide you with the potential CRS score which is a Comprehensive Ranking System score that is the best indicator of whether you are eligible to apply for Canada PR or not but there are many companies which does not provide this pivotal information. Thus, Aptech Global after doing free assessment and in-depth technical evaluation provides this information.

Fill the free assessment form to evaluate your Canada PR chances

  • Stay away from those organizations which ‘guarantee’ your application to be successful

You must be vigilant when submitting your application to the consultant and keep on asking for a regular update on your application status from the consultant because many a times it has been noted that some fraudulent organizations asks for huge sum of money and doesn’t submit your application to the immigration department and make lame excuses of your application submitted.

Only a good CRS score can help you in getting Canada PR.

At Aptech Global, we make sure to thoroughly update our clients about their Application status and maintaining transparency is what the experts of Aptech Global believes in.

  • A genuine consultant will never ask an applicant to lie in their application form

You must stay away from those organizations who asks you to mention false claims in your application form or those who doesn’t allow you to review your application form before submission.

You must know that providing incorrect information on your application can lead your application being rejected or you being banned from immigrating to Canada for the next five years.

Thus, Aptech Global never asks its clients to provide false or misleading information in their visa application form.

  • Asking you to pay huge amount for a job in Canada

This sign is the red alert for you to stay away from such fraudulent organizations who asks you to pay for getting employment in Canada.

Aptech Global doesn’t asks for any money from their clients for employment in Canada. We do not deal in job guarantee but we do provide job assistance to the eligible applicants.

Therefore, it is very important to choose your immigration consultant wisely as they are the holders of your immigration dream. A good immigration consultancy can compete your Canada PR goal whereas a bad consultancy can ruin it.

To know more about the Canada PR process, you can connect to the visa experts of Aptech Global on the toll-free number 18001201602 or simply fill the free assessment form to evaluate your Canada PR chances

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