Australia is a great country to live, and settle on a permanent basis and that is why most of the migrants choose to reside in this beautiful country. It is a no doubt that Australia has the most multicultural environment with migrants coming from across the globe.

Though, new migrants in Australia are happy living there but their main stress arises on arrival because understanding of the complexity of new rules and regulations like road rules to firearms rules, bribery and many others.

In 1949, Australia held its first ceremony for new citizens and slowly and steadily the country gave way to multiculturalism. Apart from non-whites, more and more numbers of migrants started coming to the Australia as a new migrant. It is a proven fact that more than quarter of the population already residing in Australia was born overseas and has made Kangaroo country one of the world’s most culturally diverse places.

Everything is great about Australia but as a new migrant, some people faces problems in understanding the three levels of government- local, state and federal. There are plenty of laws and that can be tad difficult for the newcomers to adjust.

Mona Ibrahim, an art instructor in Sydney, says in some countries weapons are routinely carried but it is not allowed in Australia. She adds, “It is normal overseas to have that in your pocket. It is even recommended for your safety, but here we are learning a new concept for safety. You are already safe. If you are not safe you just call the police.”

A migrant from Sierra Leone says, “Where we come from there are different ways to avoid crimes, and one of it is bribery’; bribing a police officer or bribing a teacher for you to get good marks. That is why it is put in on the screen that in Australia it is a crime.”

The new migrants if not abiding by the Australian Government rules can easily find themselves in trouble. In some cases you might be pulled over by the police and police issue an on-the-spot fine, which is paid and goes directly into the policeman’s pocket. However, this really does not work here.

The majority of Australian Immigration is from India and China.

Australia offers various visa and immigration programs for the migrants to select on the basis of their personal preferences and maximum eligibility chances.

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