Hong Kong, being located at the southeastern tip of China, gives economic and strategic importance in the proportion of size. Today, Hong Kong is become the centre for world-class financial, social, trading and business purpose. The country is listed as the thrilling and perfect destinations for shopping and travel. It is perpetually short on space and overflowing with people as the country is sprinkled with eye-popping spectacular apartments buildings.

Despite its size, it entices millions of tourists every year and it’s not surprising that it gives wealth of family friendly attractions, shopping meccas and living street over here. If you feel like escaping the futuristic jungle, bustling, rush to outlying areas with scenic hills and beaches that remain sterilized by commercialism.

Hong Kong is Special Administrative Region of China with having one of richest trading and financial center in Asia. You cannot run out of things to do in Hong Kong and as many tourists, you will find yourself unraveling and revisiting its unlimited treasures.

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Hong Kong is majorly composed with three distinct districts, here we are listed that you will surely like to visit:

  • Lantau Island: This is the biggest island of Hong Kong which is home to Disneyland, Ngong Pong along with the airport.
  • Hong Kong Island: One of the modern and swanky, Hong Kong Island (particularly central) is where most of skyscrapers, posh boutiques, banks, restaurants, high end bars and clubs are concentrated. This is the place where British settlement thrived when it colonized in 1841. Several visitors want to go there for extensive panoramas at the peak of Victoria.

A Causeway Bay Island in Hong Kong is the lively stretch with shops, park and restaurants. While living here, you can saw the famed Times Square at the corner of Matheson and Russell Street. If you want to relish for an adventure, you can trek the Dragon Back for 2 hours and can check out Big Wave Beaches in nearby places. From Big Waves of Hong Kong, it is about 30 minutes walk up to Shek O, known as home to one of Hong Kong finest beaches.

  • Kowloon: If you categorize under a budget traveler, the Kowloon of Hong Kong is a good stand as it holds with budget hotels with hostels particularly in Tsim Sha Tsui and Monk Kok! The place is too oozing with having local restaurants and quite fine place for food trip. You should be warned as the area can get too chaotic as of huge crowds it brings! In fact, the place is dubbed as it is the most heavily populated place on Earth! Alongside, Kowloon is the home to the Mong Kok famous shopping district.

Philippines passport holders can enter in to Hong Kong visa free for 14 days. You are required to complete an arrival card after clearing Hong Kong immigration requirements.

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