Have you been thinking to spend your life in Canada? Aptechvisa can make it come true

Have you been thinking to spend your life in Canada? Aptechvisa can make it come true

Canada is a beautiful country with a lot of opportunities and immense growth to its citizens. Canada also has incorporated a broad and well regulated framework for the migration process. Think of Canada immigration process and Aptechvisa is there for you to help you with the whole process of Canada immigration Express Entry.

Let us elaborate it to you why the Canadian Express Entry is an easy process through which flying to Canada can come true.

Canada immigration process is easy to follow if you have an expert who deals in Canada immigration Express Entry for the last 14 years.

To start with Canada immigration process starts with scoring a minimum point requirement of 67 points out of 100 points. The free assessment grid available at the Aptechvisa’s online portal on the basis of some factors can measure the points required to put the profile in the Canadian immigration Express Entry. The candidate has to provide information about their:-

o   Age

o   Work experience- At least 1 year of minimum continuous work experience in a particular occupation. That occupation has to be mentioned in the National Occupation Qualification.

o   Language proficiency (either in English or French),

o   ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) authorized by the WES,

o   Partner’s/spouse’s qualification and communication skills,

o   Any sibling of the candidate in Canada is a bonus,

o   And a proof of sufficient funds to support your family in Canada.

These were the requirements which a candidate needs to have before applying to the Canada immigration Express Entry. Now the next step is to create your Canadian immigration Express Entry profile. Express Entry asks for your personal and professional experience. The Express Entry profile has to be submitted with trustworthy and true information. The information which you would be providing consists of:-

o   A passport,

o   An ECA report, if you have applied for the Federal Skilled Workers Program,

o   Language proficiency tests,

o   Provincial nomination (if applies)

o   A valid job offer from the Canadian employer

 Canada Free Assessment Form

Any kind of misleading information may create an obstruction in your current visa as well as you may further be banned to apply to the Canada immigration Express Entry in the future.


After Submitting the profile you may get an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The Post-ITA process has the time limit of 60 days to submit the documents required for further processing.

Within this time limit of 60 days you have to submit the required documents as follows:-

o   Medical Clearance certificate

o   Police Clearance Certificate

o   Proof of funds to support your family in Canada

The ITAs are offered to the candidates who are successful in achieving the minimum cut-offs of the CRS score.

The last requirement is to be patient as the visa processing take a lot of time. The documents’ verification needs to be conducted carefully. If you follow each step to Canada immigration with precision, then it is not impossible to get the Canada PR visa.

You can go through the free assessment form available at the Aptechvisa’s online portal to analyze the eligibility to apply for the Canada immigration process.

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