Are you planning to work & settle in Canada? You have the best pathway to Apply for a Canada PR visa and Work and settle in Canada as an Immigrant. Canada PR visa is the document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada department. Canada PR visa gives you the right to stay in Canada for an infinite time and travel facility for five years. You can avail of numerous benefits on a Canada PR visa.

Canada PR benefits:

  1. Work, Study & live anywhere in Canada.
  2. Multiple Entry & Family visa
  3. You can sponsor visas for your loved ones
  4. Avail free health & Medicare care facilities,
  5. social security Benefits
  6. An option to the get  Canadian Citizenship 
  7. Other Canadian benefits such as Child care, Child education, a pension scheme, financial assistance, and many more.

Let’s find out How to apply for Canada PR from India and expose the Canada PR process from India

Here are the steps to apply for a Canada PR visa application, you just need to follow the below steps mentioned below:

Step 1: let us figure out the Canada PR requirements:

The first and foremost step is to check your eligibility. Are you meeting Canada’s PR requirements? In terms of Age, Qualification, Points, English language, funds, admissibility in Canada, etc.

To know your CRS Score click here

If you are satisfying Canada PR requirements, you will only be eligible to apply for a Canada PR visa.

If you are not sure whether are you meeting Canada PR requirements, then  We strongly recommend, please take professional consultation to increase your chances of a Canada PR visa.

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Step 2: Gather and prepare all Canada PR documents you require:

Once you are sure about Canada PR eligibility requirements, the next important step is to ensure you have the proper paperwork because your documents play a vital role in the Canada PR decision-making;

Canada PR documents requirement varies from case to case and depends upon the applicant's personal circumstances.

To know Canada PR documents in detail, please check our Canada PR documents checklist here. 

Please note:- It is a severe offense to give false or misleading documents or information to the Canadian immigration officer or department.

Step 3: Education Credential Assessment:

Before applying for a Canada PR visa, you must complete an Education credential assessment (ECA).  ECA is the process where designated authorities check and verify the equivalency of your overseas qualification and the authenticity of your documents.

Please figure out the name of designated organizations and Choose your designated organization based on your occupation profile.

  1. WES Canada
  2. ICES Canada
  3. IQAS Canada
  4. MCC Canada

Step 4: Apply for Express entry or relevant Canada PNP

The post-completion ECA, Now next step is to apply for express entry. Here you need to provide your detail such as qualification, employment, NOC code, settlement Funds, English language exam score, a blood relative detail, etc.  Based on the given information, Citizenship immigration Canada ranks your profile in the Express Entry pool, highest-ranking candidates will be invited to apply for a Canada PR visa.

Step 5: Apply for a Canada PR visa

Once you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you have 90 days to Apply for a Canada PR visa, with all supportive documents and the correct application fee. You can pay Canada PR visa fee by credit card.

To know more about the Canada PR fee, please check the Canada PR fee section Click here.

Note: Providing irrelevant documents or documents in inappropriate format or submitting a large number of copies delay your application or may also lead to your application's refusal. It is advised to go for expert assistance to minimize your PR visa rejection.

Step 6: Canada PR Visa outcome:

Post submission of your Canada PR application, you have to wait till the CIC office will assess your application against the current Canada PR criteria

The CIC office will complete the application assessment/review on the following factors.

  1. Have you submitted all the required documents and fees correctly?
  2. Does citizenship immigration Canada set your Canada PR application to meet eligibility requirements?
  3. Verification of your credentials.

This process may take the time up to 12- 20 weeks and may vary from case to case, So be patient and wait for a decision on your Canada PR application.

If you meet all the criteria, you will be assessed positively. Now you are free to Fly to Canada.

If your application lacks any documents, it is likely to be refused, and the CIC office will notify you in writing.

Here are the top 5 common reasons for your Canada PR visa denial or refusal

  1. Submission of incomplete documents
  2. Documents are not inappropriate formats
  3. Misrepresentation
  4. Non-eligibility
  5. Failure to submit ADR within the deadline

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