Going to Melbourne? Note the things to keep in mind!

Bags are packed and you are ready to start your new immigration journey to Melbourne as a permanent resident. But, wait! Do you know the essential tips that could help you in getting an employment in new country as well as can help you live the best of your life?

In this blog, we will tell you about the handy-tips that will benefit you in the long run as an Australian Permanent Residence

Things to do before you arrive in Melbourne:

  1. Collection of Important Documents

In a new country as a skilled job seeker, it is important to prepare yourself by furnishing essential documents that you may need for your job search. These include:

  • Certificates and mark sheets of school, college degree or diplomas
  • Trade or professional certificates and licenses (anything from school-level onwards)
  • Driver license including an international driver’s permit
  • Employment letters, testimonials, written references, work records and any document related to employment etc.

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  1. Compilation of employment history

Prepare copies of job descriptions and overviews from your previous jobs including job descriptions, role and responsibilities, notable achievements and performance. Additionally, a quick overview of the company in which you worked is also beneficial.

  1. Testimonials and references

Preparing the testimonials gives an upper hand of receiving employment faster. Thus, wherever necessary, get written testimonials from employers, clients and suppliers and have them translated into English, if required.

Australian employers value the reference checks and are usually done after short-listing the candidates.

Also, tell your employers about your new job opportunities and details of the job you are applying for and the types of questions that might be asked by the Australian employers over telephone and if possible, line up Australian referees.

The potential employer can look out for the employees on the online networking platform like LinkedIn so make sure that your profile includes written recommendations from past colleagues and managers.

  1. Select an appropriate e-mail address

Selecting an appropriate e-mail address to communicate with the Australian employers is important and you must ensure that you have an e-mail address that can be easily identified as yours. Include your common name in the address and stick with the name the people normally refer to and avoid using nicknames or fancy names for your professional e-email address.

The Australian organizations prefer having a name as your email address rather than an alias in a professional atmosphere.

  1. Complete skills and qualitative assessment

Before coming to Australia as a permanent resident, it is essential to have your skills and qualifications accessed for employment purposes and undertake further training or bridging courses.

Therefore, if you wish to know more about Australian immigration process and its eligibility requirements, it is suggested to fill the free assessment form and the visa experts of Aptech Global would call you back soon to solve your Australian immigration query.

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