Finding And Getting a Job in a Canadian Tech Company

Canadian Job market is a heavy-bias market with roots of tech companies always longing for decent tech professionals. This is the biggest motivator for people looking to migrate to Canada either on a work visa or Permanent Resident Visa.

Since work visa is quite lengthy and requires extensive work to get approval on, tech professionals are preferring to go for a Permanent Resident visa instead. With its Express Entry Program, Canada welcomes skilled professionals to meet the needs of workers in the country. The program, additionally, is easy in application and processing is swifter than any other immigration or temporary residency programs Canada ever has.

Canada has following options through which Jobs in tech companies can be traced and applied for.

  1. Canada Job bank
  2. Social media
  3. Third party Job search
  4. Local newspapers and newsletters

Let us explore these options one by one.

  1. Canada Job bank:This is one of the biggest source of getting Jobs in Canada. Canada Job bank is an online place where you get yourself registered using the Job validation code (received after you submit your Express Entry Profile). Many tech companies are present here looking for tech professionals to hire them on immediate basis. Get in touch with employers and market yourself and your skill sets. 
  2. Social Media: Social media is the new-age place where you can magically make anything-almost-anything happen. It enables you to make connections over the internet. Make friends and acquaintances in Canada and ask them the work culture, expectations from employees, etc. and act accordingly once you manage to approach a Canadian employer. Remember that personal relations can be of great help to foster professional links! 
  3. Third party Job search:This option is a self-intruding option. To bag a good tech job matching your specifications and desires, you can look up at various third party job hunt websites like,, etc. 
  4. Local newspapers and newsletters: You can also account on this option. Subscribe for Canada’s local and country newspapers and newsletters and search looking for vacancies. Reach out to the employers via emails or through contacting them directly over phone (if phone number mentioned). This option also provide you a breathing space to researchabout the company before showinginterest in their vacancy. 

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