The process of settling in a foreign country, such as Canada, is not simple. There are various immigration programs available, and you can select one that best suits your needs. Additionally, you must satisfy the requirements of the immigration program you have chosen.

Express Entry

In 2015, the Canadian federal government unveiled it. Every stream of economic immigration is governed by Express Entry, which is a mechanism for managing applications.

  • FSW
  • CEC
  • FSTP

These bullet points in the previous sentence are governed by explicit entry. Through this initiative, some PNPs (provincial nominee programs) are also run.

Free Canada Immigration Assessment Form

How does it function?

You must submit an expression of interest to the Canadian government as a candidate. An invitation to the express entry pool will be sent to you if you meet the eligibility requirements. The highest-ranked person will finally be invited when you are ranked using the CRS (Comprehensive ranking system). You have 90 days from the time you receive the invitation to submit your online application.

Provincial Nominee Program

The topic of provincial nominee programs cannot be disregarded while talking about Canadian immigration services. Each Canadian province has the authority to set its own immigration laws and programs.

Who would make a good candidate?

  • People who have a current work permit for Canada or have recently worked there
  • People who have a formal job offer
  • Relationship to a specific province for employment or school
  • A relative living in any province of Canada may offer assistance.
  • Selected for the express entry pool and qualified for an associated PNP

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Quebec immigration

Canada's autonomous province of Quebec has a great deal of influence over immigration laws and programs. The following programs are available for direct application to the Quebec government.

  • Quebec experience class;
  • Quebec skilled worker program
  • Business immigration from Quebec

Quebec selection certificate

The two-step approach is used in the immigration schemes described above. Applying to the Quebec government would be your first step if you were interested in any of the streams. You will receive a QSC (Quebec selection certificate), which acknowledges your acceptance for the immigration program if they accept your application.

Study in Canada

It will be significantly simpler for you to obtain permanent residency in Canada if you are a student who is completing your higher education there. Remember that in order to obtain your study permit if you are applying for the province of Quebec, you must have a CAQ (Quebec acceptance certificate).

Canadian sponsorship of families

In order for a spouse, child, or other close relatives to move to Canada and establish a permanent residency, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident must sponsor the individual. This is one of the most crucial steps in the process.

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It should be noted that in order to sponsor, you must be at least 18 years old. A single document cannot guarantee sponsorship and is insufficient. You will have to provide evidence to support the validity of your relationship. The visa officer will evaluate your file and determine whether or not it is acceptable. Family immigration is allowed under a special visa because CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) is concerned about family reunification.