An explanation of the various fees associated with replying to an invitation to apply for Immigration to Canada is frequently a major decision that raises living standards overall and provides access to higher-quality healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.

According to 2020 research by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), 95% of those who received Canada permanent residency through Express Entry were already financially established (with both high employment rates and level of income). Eighty-three percent of individuals were employed in their primary fields, and over fifty percent were in occupations that typically needed a college degree (TEER 1). Additionally, successful candidates were paid more than the typical Canadian worker.

In light of this, it's crucial to remember that in order to proceed through the Express Entry program successfully, applicants must pay certain fees.

Applicants are one step closer to obtaining permanent residency (PR) in Canada after uploading a profile through Express Entry and getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC.

The required paperwork

You must accept this invitation after earning an ITA in order to advance toward PR. After this, you will have 60 days to submit a number of extra documents in order to finish your application and be given consideration for PR in Canada.

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Among these papers are:

A current passport copy, a copy of your birth certificate, proof of work experience, a medical examination by a doctor on the approved panel, and police clearance certificates are all required.

Depending on the Express Entry route you took, additional documentation might be required in addition to these papers. In addition, but not only, but these may also include:

  • A letter of attestation from one's employment;
  • Official transcripts of the courses studied in post-secondary education programs;
  • Copies of pay stubs or employment contracts;
  • Proof of family relationship(s) in Canada;
  • Documents pertaining to income taxation.

Depending on whatever stream of Express Entry you have applied to, these documents may differ slightly.

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The Price of Applying

All costs are indicated in Canadian dollars.

Similar to when you submit a profile through Express Entry, you will incur additional charges to gather all the paperwork required for your application. Here are two typical instances:

Cost of a medical examination

Costs here are often highest when paying for an immigration medical examination (IME). A panel doctor who has been approved to conduct the IME must do so because it is a required medical examination (searchable through the IRCC directory). You will be responsible for paying for all related expenses up front, including any extra tests or treatments that may be necessary. Results of medical exams and tests are good for up to 12 months.

Although IME costs may vary significantly, they should roughly all adhere to the same tiered pricing structure (based on an applicant's age):



0-4 Years


5-10 Years


11-14 Years


15-69 Years


70+ Years


*X-rays should cost between $40 and $50; should additional testing or referrals to experts be required, those expenses may rise.

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Valid police clearance documents

A completed application to reply to an ITA will want to be finished with police assessments and clearance paperwork. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) divides this cost into federal processing costs and local processing fees.

While the municipal processing fees for the gathering of fingerprints still apply, the federal processing charge ($25) is waived for applicants who require the record check for immigration and citizenship purposes. These prices vary among recognized organizations and municipal governments, but they often range between $30 and $35.

Amounts Needed for Success

The final cost appears once you successfully respond to an ITA and the government awards you Canada PR.

You must pay a $515 Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) for each application after receiving Canada PR status. This is anticipated to be the final expense of the administrative procedure. Your second set of expenses will probably be around relocating to Canada.

Can New PRs Recover Their Costs?

As their approval is based on talents and other human capital qualities that Canadian businesses highly appreciate, successful applicants through the Express Entry system are well positioned to succeed in the Canadian labour market.

Successful Express Entry applicants will also receive all benefits that come with this status, such as lower university and college costs, access to public healthcare, social programs, and a new life in Canada.

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