There are about a million plus people planning to relocate to Canada from India. When you are planning to migrate to Canada, you need to meet the following Canada PR requirements.  Your research and preparation beforehand fast-track can increase your chances for a successful permanent residency application for Canada PR in 2023.

1) Canada PR program:

It is Important & essential to know how to apply Canada PR visa means which Canada PR program better suits your circumstances.

There are various programs to apply for a Canadian PR visa. such as

  1. Canada Express entry:
  2. Canada PNP Program
  3. Canada Family sponsor Program
  4. Regional pilot program
  5. Investor or Business Immigration program etc.

Choose the right immigration program to apply for a Canada PR visa and evaluate do you satisfy all the requirements of the chosen program

2) Occupation:

Before applying for a Canada PR visa, you must know that your occupation/ profile must be in demand in Canada. This demand list is known as the Canada occupation list or Canada NOC list. Canada's occupation list keeps on changing.  Make sure of filing of PR visa must list your occupation in the Canada occupation list.

If you are not sure, your profile/skills are in demand in the Canada occupation list; click here to view the Canada occupation list.

3) Skilled Work Experience:

You must make sure that you have at least one year, of full-time, continuous, paid work experience in one of these National Occupational classifications (NOC) job groups:

  1. Managerial jobs (skill type 0)
  2. Professional jobs (skill level A)
  3. Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B)

4) Language Proficiency:

To apply for a Canada PR visa, you must have a competent language. Canada accepts only following English language exams

  1. For the English Language - IELTS  OR CELPIP OR PTE
  2. French -   TEF or TCF

English language competent level means you must have six bands in each module to apply for a Canada PR visa under the Federal or Express entry stream.

If you don’t have IELTS 6 bands in each module, then no need to worry; you can still apply for a Canada PR visa through PNP programs

5) Points:

As we all know, Canada PR is a points-based system. To apply for a Canada PR visa, you need to score a minimum of 67/out of 100 points. These points are based on your Age, Qualification, work experience, Language proficiency, Adaptability, and arranged employment.

To know more about your Canada PR points, please use the Canada PR Points Calculator.

6) Settlement Funds

Before applying for your Canada PR visa application, you will make sure that you have enough money to support yourself and your family members after arriving in Canada. Funds requirements depend upon the number of the person in the family.

How many funds are required, and what documents do you need to provide to prove your financial capacity? Please check the Canada PR documents checklist,

7) Admissibility

Another critical factor to applying for a Canada PR visa; you must be admissible to Canada.  There are specific reasons CIC may not allow you to enter Canada, such as:

Security reasons, including- Espionage: Subversion, violence, or terrorism.

Human or international rights violations: war crimes, crimes against humanity, an official in a government engaged in gross human rights violations.

Medical reasons – which include medical conditions that: endanger public health, and public safety or cause excessive demand on health or social services

Other Reasons:-  such as misrepresentation, Having an inadmissible family member.

If you are meeting above the requirements then you can apply Canada PR visa application.

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Canada PR fee/cost

Canada PR visa fee depends upon the number of applicants in your application. And most important, the program through which you are applying for your Canada PR visa. You Can pay your Canada PR fee by credit card.

Please find the Canada PR fee through Economic Program

Electronic Education credential Assessment

Primary Applicant CAD 205
Spouse ECA CAD 205

Express Entry fee:

For creating or applying for Canada express entry, there is no fee as of now

Canada PNP fee :

Every PNP in Canada has a fee that falls between CAD 350 – CAD 1500. Depend upon the province you are applying to.

Canada PR Application Fee:

Primary Applicant CAD 1360
Spouse applicant CAD 1360
Child per applicant CAD 225

Canada PR biometric fee:

Per person CAD 85
Biometrics – per family (2 or more people) CAD 170

Other expenditures involved in Canada's PR

Health Examination per person Rs. 5000
Police clearance certificate Rs. 1000
IELTS per attempt Rs. 15,500

How to pay your  Canada PR fees:

You can pay your Canada PR fee with your credit card, and if you’re already in Canada, you can pay your Canada PR fee through an online ( net banking) debit card & credit card

Please note the Canada PR application fee is not refundable if your application is refused/ rejected.

To know more about Canada PR visa click here!!

Canada PR Processing time

The CIC office in Canada will consider your  Canada PR processing time from the date your application received

It is hard to predict exactly how soon your Canada PR application will be approved because Canada PR processing time depends upon the following parameters

  1. Have you submitted a complete application for Canada PR
  2. Have you paid the correct Canada PR fee, as per the Canada PR stream
  3. How long it takes to verify your credentials 
  4. how quickly CIC receives the response from the applicant on the ADR
  5. number of current applications waiting to be processed
  6. Type of application you have applied for your Canada PR visa 

Please find below Canada PR Processing Time as per Canada PR streams/ programs

Canada PR processing time for Federal Skilled workers, Express Entry, PNP

Express entry - 10 - 12 months
PNP Online 8 - 10 months
PNP offline for 12 - 14 months

Canada PR processing time through Family Sponsor:

Spouse Sponsor - 6 – 8 months
Parent Sponsor - 20 to 24 months
Child Sponsor - 10 to 18 months

Canada shot term visas  processing time:

Tourist / Visitor visas 15 – 30 Days
Student visa 2 months
Super visa 30 days
Work permit 9 weeks

You can calculate your Canada PR current processing time through the Canada PR processing time calculator.

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