Eight Things to Keep in Mind if You are Planning to Settle Abroad

Immigrating to a foreign land could be a stressful decision. You need to take care of various things- some apparent, some are not. This article will give you a brief regarding things which can make your moving process less hectic.

Read on to find out:

1)      Knowing the Language You are Going to Use

Language barrier could be the most stressful thing in relation to your moving to a new country (which may seem a new world!)

Keep yourself updated regarding the current lingos in trend and try to fit in with the people of your new home.

Even if the country has a familiar language (say, English), try to modernize your tongue matching up with their standards. 

2)      Getting Your Stuff Ready

This part eats up your major planning. To successfully doing away with getting your stuff ready, make a checklist first. Add everything that you are not sure will be available overseas (say, achaar).  Buying extra can never hurt, while if you miss out anything, it can be a matter of grave concern. 

Start making rounds of shopping near the date your departure is scheduled.

3)      Scanning Social Environment Beforehand

Every country has their own way of socialising. In India, Saturdays off is not customary whereas, in most of the foreign nations, weekend starts from Friday evening.

Further, make full use of social media and know how you will be expected to behave at workplace, parties, dinners, meetings, etc. and try to make apace on your schedule accordingly.

4)      Finding Work

Finding a Job is better before you move. This can easily be done by getting in touch with employers of the foreign country through various third party job search portals (say Monster.com, Indeed.com, etc.)

You can also use social media sites such as Linked IN to get access of knowing the Job environment there.

5)      Currency Exchange

Keep yourself updated regarding the current value of the currency you are going to make your future expenditures (and of course earnings) in. Exchange your currency when the value is the highest.

You can also fix your liquid cash by transferring it to bank account as in most of the foreign lands, use of plastic money (debit cards, credit cards) is prevalent.  People in the outland are using plastic money everywhere-from purchase of a bubble-gum to an airplane! 

6)      Paying a Visit Once

This can reduce your stress. Pay a visit once before migrating permanently to keep a track on things. It will give you an idea for planning your future lifestyle. You can book for your apartment, face-to face interview for a Job and all those task for which your physical presence is needed.

7)      Know the Country

Buy a Map and examine each street and building. Doing this beforehand can make you a little familiar with the city you are going to live in. Mark on the nearest medical store, laundry services, schools, etc. from your place of residence. Also, know about driving policies as it is generally different in western countries.

8)      Planning the Move

You are finally ready for a stress-free move!

Best of luck!


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