Once you get settled in Canada after your hard bound efforts the immediate thing that plan is your family unification. That’s very justifiable everyone Individual wishes to live with their family to simplify and beautify his or her life. Are you going through the same dilemma of how to unify your family? Let’s Explore

Canadian Family Sponsorship program

Canadian Society always considers family a very important factor, and so is the Canadian Immigration system we find that Canada offers various pathways to sponsor your family to Canada through their various sponsorship program to Integrate your Family and live your life beautifully. Amongst these family sponsorship programs, the most important is a spouse or common-law partner immigration to Canada. Let’s take a quick glimpse at how simply you can immigrate your loved ones to Canada.

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As per the immigration plan for 2023, Canada is set to welcome almost 106500 under their spouse, children, parents, and grandparents immigration target. Canadian Authorities allows Citizens or PR-holding residents with the age of over 18 years to sponsor dependent spouses (Common Law partner), children, certain relatives, parents, partners, and grandparents to come and live in Canada through the sponsor visa program.

Conditions for Canadian Citizens or PR holding residents to sponsor Dependents

  1. Sponsor must be the age over 18 years
  2. The sponsor must be living in Canada or have to live here once the dependent arrive in Canada
  3. Sponsor Must possess the sufficient fund to meet the basic financial needs of your spouse or partner for three years

How to Sponsor a Spouse or Common-law partner in Canada?

Let’s find what defines spouse and common-law partner

Spouse: when the applicant is legally married with valid documents under the law of the jurisdiction (under Canadian law)

Common law Partner: Living In currently or have lived In with a partner in a relationship for a minimum of one year (with valid support documents for your declarations).

Conditions to sponsor Spouse or Common-Law Partner (If residing in Canada)

  1. Must be living with a spouse or common-law partner in Canada
  2. spouse or common-law partner must possess a valid immigration status

If your Spouse or Common-Law Partner is out of status in Canada, they can also submit under this stream, and stay in Canada until your application is processed. The drawback of this particular stream is that the applicant is barred from moving outside of Canada until the application is completely processed.

Conditions to sponsor Spouse or Common-Law Partner (not residing in Canada)

Go with the Family Class (Outland) sponsorship option in this case:

  1. Spouse/common s law partner must not reside in Canada at the time of application filing and processing.
  2. Currently living in Canada but sponsor plans to not stay in Canada at the time of being processed.

A drawback of this stream is that, until your application is decided, living with your spouse/partner may not be possible, though you can apply for a temporary visa to be welcome to Canada until the application is processed and decided.

Documents checklist to sponsor Spouse or Common-Law Partner (not residing in Canada)

here is the Checklist of paperwork you need to be prepared  for your spouse's visa application to Canada:

  1. Application form
  2. Proof of temporary and permanent  Residence
  3. Identity Proof of Sponsor and Applicant
  4. Two Colored passport-sized photographs
  5. A valid passport for the applicant (not expiring in Next at least 6 months)
  6. Proof of the genuine nature of the relationship, such as:
    • Marriage certificate (if married)
    • Common-law relationship docs, such as proof of cohabitation for at least one year
    • More documents to support your relationship (like Wedding Cards or Invitation Photos)
  7. Proof of Wealth to support your financial strength, such as:
    • Bank statements
    • Property document (optional but Adds strength)
    • Pay Slips or acceptable Income documents (for at least the last six months)
    • letter from the sponsor justifying the intention for financial support
  8. Sponsorship Agreement with Undertaking signed by the sponsor
  9. Sponsor's Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status supporting Documents
  10. Birth certificates for children ( other Authorized documents if the Child is Adopted )
  11. Police Clearance certificates from all locations where the applicant has resided for more than six months.
  12. Application fee Receipts

Canada spouse visa processing time

The processing time for application applied to a Canada spouse visa is between 8-12 months and varies from case to case depending on selection and your case Filing and Documentation. If your application is proper, it may take longer than can be denied.

  1. Factors affecting Canada spouse visa processing time are as followed:
  2. Attention at each point while filling application? Make sure to pay the fee correctly.
  3. Details of the applicant are to be verified by the CIC Canada application.
  4. Your promptness to resolve the quarries in your Application.
  5. Political and Technical Reasons occasionally.
  6. Duration of supply of ADR to CIC

Applicant’s Skills and Occupation ability in Canada.