It is disheartening to see when your visitor visa gets rejected due to some reasons. All your excitement vanishes and disappointment stuck right in front of your face, leaving you helpless. What could be done in such case? Re apply for Canada visitor visa again and then be in dilemma that will they accept this time or not? Or better know the real reasons of visa getting rejected, and try to focus on those particular points to avoid any kind of disappointment.

When IRCC sends you a rejection letter also known as refusal letter for your Tourist Visa application, they send you a big application explaining the general reasons of visa approval. However, they may or may not give you detailed reasons of visa rejection.

Some examples of visa refusal are:

  • Inability to show sufficient funds
  • Inability to prove a known connection in Canada
  • Travel History
  • Purpose of Visit

However, you can apply to IRCC for more information regarding refusal o tourist visa at:

  • Access to Information Act Request
  • Privacy Act Request

This may help you in knowing the remedies of rejected visa and how it can be rectified.

How to request under Access to Information and Privacy Act?

As you are dealing with your refusal letter of Canada Tourist visa application, we assume that you are neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident holder and are located outside Canada. In such a case, you will require a representative in Canada to file your access to Information or Privacy Act Request. This can be done online or by mail.

To make request online, you require:

  1. Proof that you have the right to make such request by showcasing any of these:
  • A copy of a Canadian Passport or citizenship certificate,
  • A copy of your permanent resident card or other proof of PR status
  • A copy of temporary status visa, a temporary work, study or visitor visa
  1. Proof of Consent

This includes different consent forms that are required if requesting on someone else’s behalf, by dong self and many other requirements

  1. Credit Card

You are required to pay certain application fee under Access to Information Act requests. Though, there is no fee under Privacy act requests

You must have Visa, Master or an American Express card to pay for the application fee.

As a Non-Canadian applying from abroad under Access to Information or Privacy Act Request, here’s information request process you need to know:

  • Access to Information and Privacy online request is a series of questions that must be answered in a sequential order.
  • You are required to fill the form in one go.
  • You are given document checklist at the end of the application filing. Make sure to furnish those documents in proper order
  • After paying and completing the necessary formalities, you will be given an acknowledgement email with a payment receipt attached (if applicable)

The another method is to access information request by Mail

This process is relatively slower process and you are required to do any one of the following:

  1. Download the access to information and personal information request form or,
  2. Download Treasury Board Secretariat’s Access to Information Request Form
  3. A letter stating the request has been made by you in accordance with Access to Information Act

Mail your required information to The Immigration department of Canada with supporting documents.

When you have the IRCC response to your information requested, this will give you a clear picture of why IRCC rejected your visitor visa application and what can be done to solve the situation thereafter. You can add the information to IRCC to approve your application. Also, you must convince your immigration officer that you will be back to the home country as soon as your visa gets expired. If the immigration department finds any other discrepancy, they will refuse the visitor visa there and then.

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