Canada PR Visa Requirements for Indians – Here’s Everything You Must Know

Canada is a popular choice for all the immigration candidates who are looking forward to migrating to another country in 2021. Any why not? After all, this country has unique and agreeable opportunities and moreover, the immigrant-friendly policies and a major push of the government towards immigration have encouraged many of the aspiring individuals to come and settle in Canada on a permanent basis.

Beside this, this country always holds the promise of providing the immigrants with a rich lifestyle and high living standards. When you move to Canada via taking the route of Canada PR, you are sure to get countless job opportunities and personal independence. Is there anyone who wants to experience fruitful results by doing a one-time investment in Canada PR?

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Well, the Canada PR Visa doesn’t make you a citizen of Canada, you are still a citizen of your home country. As a PR holder, you are entitled to get benefits (to mention a few) such as:

  • Eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship post living in Canada for 3 years
  • Freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada for an indefinite time period
  • Eligible to enroll under the world-class healthcare system
  • Protected under the umbrella of Canadian Laws

To avail the perks mentioned-above, you will have to exclusively apply for the permanent residence. However, prior to applying, there are certain Canada PR Requirements that you need to fulfill. Understanding and meeting the eligibility requirements can ease the entire Canada Immigration process and help you face a stress-free journey throughout, right from the beginning till the end.

What are the Canada PR Requirements for Indian Immigrants?

One who’s interested in Canada Immigration must be aware about the requirements as they play an important role in the entire process. These requirements just act like the stepping stones that help you fly to your dream country.

  • If you are applying for Canada express entry, then you need to be less than 45 years of age
  • Your education must match the Canadian education standards. For this, submitting an ECA report assessed from a relevant authority is mandatory
  • You must have one year of work experience in an occupation that perfectly matches your skills and requirements
  • You must have at least 6 bands in all the four abilities such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. For this, you need to appear for the IELTS language proficiency test
  • You might include your spouse in your application. It’s not a mandatory requirement, however, fulfilling this will help you get 10 points in the calculator
  • There is no need to possess a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, however, having one can help you gain 10 more points.

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What are the Documents Required for Canada PR Visa?

Talking about the documents, they play a vital role in the entire process of immigration. A valid passport, travel documents, educational credential assessment report, a provincial nomination (if any, an employment offer (if any), an invitation (if any), medical clearance certificate, police clearance certificate and a statement of funds are the main documents that you need to submit at the time of submitting your PR application.

It’s always better to submit a proper list of documents as any misrepresentation or false information can result in the cancellation of your Canada PR Visa application. 

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