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It is not difficult to move to Canada permanently because Canada is always looking forward to welcome talented and skilled workers into it. With proper guidance, Canada PR visa can easily be acquired. The key is to be clearly updated with the Canada PR process. At Aptechvisa, we put our best efforts to make the readers and visitors of our website to gain sincere information about the Canada PR. Let’s discuss first a little about the country Canada.

As we all know that the country Canada is full of opportunities. Being the 6th safest country as per the 2019 Global Peace Index, it provides a secure environment to its citizens, which is a prime reason for Indians to consider Canada PR for a better life. Permanent Residency in Canada is a dream for many skilled workers in India.

As the Canada PR comes with many perks and benefits, let’s talk about the Canada PR process itself. At Aptechvisa Global, we explain the whole procedure of Canada PR process to provide to candidates with the utmost understanding to conduct the proceedings.

To start with the Canada PR procedure, the permanent residency visa comes in different visa types depending on the requirement of the applicant, for example, one can apply for Express Entry Canada, Canada PNP program, family sponsorship visa, Quebec skilled worker visa, Atlantic Immigration pilot, start-up visa, entrepreneur visa, Canada investor, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, self-employed PR visa.

The Canada PR process commences with staying updated with the latest broadcast on Canada PR process. The criteria, norms, or requirements of Canada PR process application can change any moment. At Aptechvisa Global, we take care of every update with the latest knowledge regarding the Canada PR process and at the same time we keep our clients updated too.

The next approach is to cross check the documents before sending an application for Canada PR. This part of the process takes more time to process and if you have not send documents as required then your application may come back to you. You should keep a note that any misleading information provided by you through the Canada PR process may subject your application to be verified by the Canadian immigration officer.

Once you clear that ‘submitting documents’ part successfully, you would be invited to apply for Canada PR. You would be given a time limit of 60 days to submit all required documents along with the applicable charges.

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Now let’s discuss about the charges applied on different kind of Canada PR visa. A single individual is charged with CAD $1040 which is the CIC processing fee. If you wish to take your spouse along with you, the charges include an additional amount of CAD $1040. Apart from that, for each dependent kid the charges are CAD $150.

Let’s not forget the biometrics part, the penultimate stage of Canada PR process where an applicant has to submit their biometrical information and also of their family members’. The charges for biometric for a single applicant is confined to CAD $85 whereas the family’s biometrical information collection with a family of more than two people when combined is CAD $170.

Now let’s talk about the immigration in the times of COVID-19. The Canadian authorities have launched new norms in effect from 21st February, 2021. The fresh regulations demand testing and quarantine requirements while entering the Maple borders.

However sounds easy, the final decision is up to the Immigration Officer who would consider your Canada PR visa application in conformity with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

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