One of the most alluring locations for qualified IT personnel looking for permanent residency is now, the land of mega IT departments, with countless opportunities for information and technology professionals in Canada.

With a projected 2.3% GDP in 2025 and being one of the fastest growing economies, Canada presents many options for IT professionals to make a prosperous career and create a meaningful life with the country's booming tech sector, amiable immigration policy, and incredible quality of life.

Not only that! IT professionals are being given special preferences because of the IT professionals deficit that Canada is currently encountering! You can consider that there are seats reserved for IT professionals in Canada, Just like a silver platter filled with opportunities on the table waiting for you to sign your names on it!

So, let's explore the advantages, prerequisites, and pathways of becoming a permanent resident of Canada as an IT professional in this article.


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Opportunities and benefits of Canada PR for IT professionals in Canada

Studies showed that in 2021, Canada's net tech employment was projected to total 1,235,692 employees, an 8.9% rise over last year's number. It was estimated that in 2022, there will be 1,254,708 workers, a 1.5% increase.

The Booming IT sectors of Canada give qualified professionals the deserving opportunities that they need to gain their full potential.

A strong education system technologically updated with access to global opportunities, mobility, and a supportive tech sector are a few benefits to name for IT professionals.

Many of the other benefits of Canada PR for IT experts include:

  1. Robust Technological Industry: A thriving IT sector with an abundance of demand for qualified individuals, major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal provide numerous job opportunities for IT professionals.
  2. Immigrant-Friendly Policies: Moving away is a difficult decision, however, Canada's immigration system is built and is ever-transforming to suit the needs of both the people and the nation.
  3. Stable Economy: Canada's economy is sturdy and resilient, making it a haven for IT workers. The country is noted for its stable and secure banking sector, various industries, and global trade linkages.
  4. Quality of Life: Canada consistently ranks amongst the top countries for quality of life. The secure and welcoming environment along with the social benefits, healthcare, and multiculturalism, is a celebration of diversity making it a comfortable choice.
  5. Competitive Salaries and Benefits: With a comfortable standard of living assured, the typical income in the IT sector is higher than in many other areas, allowing workers to have a decent work-life balance as well as financial stability.

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Eligibility and requirement for IT professionals to get Canada PR visa.

If immigrating through the Express Entry system, the following are the general eligibility criteria:

  1. Education: a foreign educational credential assessment (ECA) through an entrusted organization, ascertaining its education to be comparable to a Canadian diploma, degree, or certificate.
  2. Language Proficiency: Command in French or English. An approved language test (IELTS, CELPIP, TEF, etc.) can be taken for this purpose.
  3. Work Experience: Continuous full-time or equivalent part-time skilled work experience, in the duration mentioned in the program being followed under the express entry system:
    1. One year in Canada in the last 3 years for Canada Express class.
    2. One year of continuous work within the last 10 years for the Federal skilled workers program.
    3. Two years within the last 5 years for the Federal skilled trades program.

  4. Health and Character: Medical examinations and police certificates guarantee good health and character.
  5. Proof of Funds: proof of financial stability to support you and your family arriving in Canada.

A minimum of 67 out of 100 points is a must for an express entry contender.

The factors are

  1. language proficiency
  2. Age
  3. Education
  4. Work experience
  5. Job offer (in Canada)
  6. Adaptability

Therefore, the minimum points required for IT professionals too shall be 67/100. This gets you qualified under Federal Skilled Workers Program.

However, the introduction of STEM category-based rounds further simplifies and prioritizes IT professionals in the Express Entry. This means you may get an ITA for Canada PR with a comparatively lower CSR score than general invitation draws. The minimum score in category-based rounds may likely r lower than the score of the lowest-scoring candidate in the general draw.

To check if your job title is covered under the STEM Category, you can find the list of occupations on the IRCC Category-based selection page, once you click on the category.

In the current scenario, not only do IT experts get an upper hand when it comes to CRS scores, but also the high demand for IT professionals ensures an abundance of opportunities in Canada right now! There has never been a better time to apply than now!

1. Canada PR process for IT professionals

The category-based rounds supplement the general and program-specific rounds. Candidates meeting the category requirements are ranked, and the top candidates are invited to apply for Canada PR. As a result, the process to be followed by IT Professionals is that of the program for which one is eligible under the three Express Entry programs.

The Canada PR process may vary as per the immigration program being followed for the Canada immigration process.

Eight Canada PR pathways for IT professionals in 2023

Here are some of the other programs to follow apart from Express Entry:

Canada's Tech Talent Strategy: The program is based on four key pillars, namely

  1. Development of 'New Innovation Stream' under the International Mobility program.
  2. Promotion of Canada's crown as a destination for Digital Nomads.
  3. Improvement of labor mobility through streamlining a work permit for H-1B to attract specialty visa holders from the US.
  4. Improvement of existing programs catering to High-skill tech vocations.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Tech: With key features based on service, timeliness, prioritization, and engagement, responding to the necessities of the many industries, BC PNB Tech provides its employers with the power to recruit and retain global talent in technical occupations when local talent is unavailable.

Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway: While often based on one factor, if your primary occupation is in demand, this path provides foreign nationals currently employed in or having a job offer with an Alberta-based technical industry numerous opportunities in an eligible tech vocation.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) - Being Ontario's economic migration program, it has multiple streams that one can follow if they have the skills required! Some of them are-

  1. Human Capital Priorities Stream.
  2. Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream.
  3. Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills stream.

Intra-Company Transfer: This category allows multinational enterprises to temporarily relocate qualified individuals to Canada to improve the effectiveness of management, enhance Canadian exports, and boost competitiveness in international markets. Once get exposure to work in Canada for one year then professionals may select suitable programs to get Canadian PR.

Start-Up Visa Canada: if you have the means and the will to begin your own Start-Up in Canada, you can get Permanent Residency either by launching a firm and creating jobs, or by assisting inventive entrepreneurs.

Global Talent Stream: This is a Canadian program that promotes work permits for exceptionally qualified overseas workers with 'unique and specialized talents' in high-demand occupations. It intends to assist Canadian firms in attracting the best talent from all over the world to quickly fill crucial skill gaps.

Digital Nomads Visa: Under the current Canadian immigration rules a person can get visitor status is all that's needed to come to Canada for up to 6 months, while performing his/her profession remotely for foreign employers/freelancers/you tuber/influencers etc. i.e. jobs which allow you to work remotely.

It is expected that some of the Digital Nomads that initially immigrate for remote work will further seek opportunities with Canadian employers. Seeking employment means bringing their skills to Canada through a temporary work permit and eventually becomes an easy pathway to a PR for IT professionals!


To summarize, Canada provides significant prospects for IT workers. Obtaining Canadian PR offers equilibrium, career advancement, and an outstanding quality of life. So, if you're an IT professional looking for new possibilities, consider Canada PR. Embrace the Canadian dream and make a place for yourself in the growing tech sector.

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