Why approach another immigration agency if you have Aptechvisa?

Why approach another immigration agency if you have Aptechvisa?

Canada is a country full of dreams and opportunities. People are looking for ways to get a permanent access to Canada. The number of Canada immigration aspirants is on rise. People of other countries dream to have the citizenship of Canada for a well accomplished life. That is why Canada immigration never disappoints any outsider. If you have it to be the citizen of Canada then you can be. Just keep reading.

The first step to Canada immigration is to score minimum score on the assessment grid. The minimum score is 67 out of 100 to be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The maximum points allotted to each factor required for the Canada immigration process are given below:-


Maximum points



Educational qualification


Work experience


Language ability




Arranged employment



If you are applying to the Canada PR through Canada Express Entry, then you will be required to make an Express Entry profile and provide personal information about the age, work experience, language proficiency, any sibling in Canada, or any job offer.

Canada Express Entry is an electronic system to pool the registered candidates which has made the whole process of Canada immigration easy and just with the click.

The Canada immigration news is of great importance if you have to be updated about the norms and rules. Aptechvisa takes a good care of the fact that possessing complete and detailed knowledge about the Canada immigration process. Keeping up with the Canada immigration news is very crucial to any aspirants who wish to fly to Canada to grab opportunities.

Let’s in brief discuss the process of applying to the Canadian Express Entry

First you have to check the eligibility by scoring a minimum score of 67 points out of the total 100 points. The minimum score is based on the basis of factors such as age, educational qualification, work experience, IELTS score, adaptability, and arranged employment.

The next step is to get Educational Credential Assessed by any approved authority such as IWAS, IQAS, ICAS etc.

The third step is to create your Express Entry profile in which you have to fill out the necessary information and NOC (National Occupational Classification) Job title and Code. The Express Entry profile gives you a time limit of 60 days to submit the profile. Otherwise the whole process has to be repeated once again.

In case you are becoming short of required CRS points then you don’t have to worry, applying to the PNP would prove as a life saver. Getting a nomination certificate from a province can give a boost of 600 points to your dream.

Wait for an ITA (Invitation to Apply). Once you are invited to submit the documents within 60 days for further Canada PR.

Now let’s have a look at the required documents that you may be needing to complete the application to the IRCC are given below:-

ü  Medical Certificate

ü  Police Certificate

ü  A valid Passport

ü  A valid proof of work experience

ü  Copy of Birth Certificate

ü  Proof of studies

ü  Marriage Certificate

ü  Proof of funds

ü  Evidence of Common-law union and Cohabitation

ü  Provincial and Territorial Certificate (if applicable) and

ü  Letter of offer from the employers

The last requirement is to give Biometrical information about the applicant with a minimal cost of $85 CAD or 4860 INR. The charges for the biometrics for a family of more than two members cost around $170 CAD.Now let us talk about what is Aptechvisa. Aptechvisa is an expert in the field of Canada immigration with more than 50,000 handled cases in immigration and Canada PR. Come to Aptechvisa to try your hands on the free assessment form to know your eligibility.

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