Are you a trader? Do you wish to settle in Canada for life? You should read this

Are you a trader? Do you wish to settle in Canada for life? You should read this


Canada not only respects the skilled workers but it is keen also towards the tradespersons. Canadian Express Entry provides an option of applying to the FSTP. FSTP is a special category which takes care of the trade person looking to get their hands on the Canada PR visa. To apply for the Canada PR visa, a desired candidate needs to have a clear understanding of Canada immigration points & Canada immigration eligibility.

Actually Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) was developed by the Canadian government and Immigration Department in 2013 to greet the needs of growing demand of the unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

Canada immigration points are the points by estimating which you can predict your Canada immigration eligibility if you consider that FSTP would be a great way to lodge for the Canada PR visa.

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If you can talk in English appropriately and adequately enough to be understood by the Canadians; technically which means if you can score the score of CLB 5 in the IELTS to proceed in your applications then you are good to go.

You must meet the eligibility requirements for the selected trade as your job in order to be welcome by the FSTP stream of the Canada Express Entry.

With FSTP you are as trader can settle and work in Canada.

The step prior to the FSTP is predicting the eligibility to be able to reach to the Canadian Express Entry. Canadian Express Entry is the electronic system where you can register yourselves for the Canadian PR visa.

Canada immigration points are based on some factors like age, work experience, educational experience, your partner’s qualification and other related personal and professional information of the candidate.

FSTP is one of the three streams provided by the Canada Express Entry. It is specially created keeping in mind the requirement of the traders in the labour market of Canada. For FSTP, it is necessary to have prior job offer from the employer who is a Canadian native.

If you belong to the age group of 18 to 35 years, then congratulations, you can achieve the highest possible points of 12 in the age related assessment grid.

A good educational degree is an add-on. A Master’s degree can earn you 23 points whereas a Doctorate degree can earn you the exact 25 points.

It is not difficult to meet the Canadian immigration eligibility if you have some educational and work experience in your hands. Canada immigration points also consider your adaptability which means having prior connections with Canada such previous studies from Canada or a sibling in Canada is among Canada immigration points.  

Arranged employment can earn you 10 points more. If you have been offered a job letter from Canada employer it may prove as a bonus for your Canada immigration dream.

To pierce through the Canada immigration eligibility, an individual has to have a grasp over the knowledge and hold on the sequence of the procedure which have to be followed throughout the journey of attaining the eligibility for Canada immigration.

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