Canada Express Entry system is about to change in 2023. Here is everything you need to know.

How do your views allow us to set priorities for the future of Express Entry?

Canada Express Entry system was launched in January 2015. Express Entry Canada is based on a demand-driven & points-based approach. Canada determined the current express Entry selection system meets its current labor market needs.

Canada Express Entry operates on the basis of CRS scores, not on the basis of NOC profiles, the applicants having higher CRS scores will get ITA regardless of occupation shortage in Canada. it narrows the occupational profiles of newcomers. The system also does not fully address the labor shortages and skills gaps described by Canadian employers.

As on March 2023,

Canadas planning to implement a newly proposed method in the second quarter of 2023, for selecting skilled candidates through Express Entry to support the need of the labor market and economic priorities, where the primary focus will be “occupational-driven policy” which mean Selecting candidates in a “particular occupation, or sector” that support identified economic priorities, in short CIC may select applicants based on their NOC codes, education in Canada, profile shortages, etc.

What possible new category may be launched by CIC?

  1. Selecting candidates based on work experience in a particular occupation or sector
  2. Transitioning international student graduates to permanent residence
  3. ransitioning temporary foreign workers to permanent residence
  4. Selecting Francophone and bilingual candidates

1. Selecting candidates based on work experience in a particular occupation or sector:

A potential category may be “occupational basis selection” Mean Canada will give priority to inviting those occupations or sectors for Canada PR visas that are most in need, or highly shortage in Canada. Here CIC's focus will be improving the responsiveness to the economic need.

2. Transitioning international student graduates to permanent residence:

Canada believes International students bring many benefits to the institutions where they study, the communities in which they live, as well as the national economy. And therefore have the potential to help fill gaps in Canada’s workforce now and into the future.

A possible category could, for example, include International graduates with a degree or diploma in in-demand fields from a DLI.

3. Transitioning temporary foreign workers to permanent residence

Temporary foreign skilled workers are critical sources of the labor market and talent for Canadian employers. So Potential category may be giving priority to Canadian work permit holders for PR visas.

In 2021, Canada issued 168,600 PR visas to Canadian work permit holders.

4. Selecting Francophone and bilingual candidates:

The possible category may be, giving priority to bilingual candidates in the Express Entry draw French-speaking candidates likely have more chances. making it easier for French speakers to immigrate to Canada.

5. Changes to the CRS points system:

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points system used in the Express Entry system will be modified to increase points for specific fieldwork experience.

It's important to stay updated on any changes to the Express Entry system, as it can impact your eligibility for Canadian immigration. It's recommended to consult with a licensed immigration consultant for personalized advice on your immigration options.

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How Canada Express Entry Changes will affect Canada Immigration


What will be a positive impact of express entry changes?

The changes to the Express Entry system are expected to have several positive impacts on Canadian immigration and the country's economy:

  1. Increase in French-speaking immigrants:
  2. The changes will give more weight to French language proficiency, making it easier for French-speaking immigrants to immigrate to Canada. This is expected to promote bilingualism and diversity in Canada.

  3. More pathways for temporary workers and international graduates:
  4. The new pathways for temporary workers and international graduates will provide more opportunities for these groups to become permanent residents in Canada. This is expected to help address labor shortages in various sectors of the economy and provide a pathway to permanent residency for those who have contributed to the Canadian economy.

  5. More inclusion of low-skilled workers:
  6. The proposed new pathway for low-skilled workers could provide a solution to labor shortages in sectors where low-skilled workers are in demand, such as agriculture and food processing. This will also help address the issue of temporary foreign workers being vulnerable to exploitation.

Overall, the changes are expected to make the Express Entry system more accessible, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of Canadian society and the economy. It's important to stay updated on any further developments and seek professional advice on your immigration options.

What are occupations that will be high in demand in Canada by 2025

Jobs in demand in Canada in future 2025

Canada has a strong and diverse economy, with a range of occupations in high demand across various industries. Some of the top occupations in demand in Canada include:


With an aging population, Canada has a growing demand for healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists.

Profession Median Salary
Registered Nurses And Registered Psychiatric Nurses (NOC 3012) $ 69000
Nurse Aides, Orderlies, And Patient Service Associates (NOC 3413) $ 57000
Licensed Practical Nurses (NOC 3233) $ 73000
General Practitioners And Family Physicians (NOC 3112) $1,60,300
Managers In Health Care (NOC 0311) $ 66000
Specialist Physicians (NOC 3111) $2,56,000
Medical Administrative Assistants (NOC 1243) $ 59000

Information Technology:

Canada's tech sector is booming, with a high demand for software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts.

Profession Salary
developer/programmer $78400
business system analyst administrator $ 67300
data analyst /scientist $1,20,916
Cloud Architect $ 1,07207
security analyst/architect $ 1,46,900
IT project manager $ 1,77,000
Network Engineer $ 79000


Skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters are in demand across Canada, with a shortage of workers in many areas.

profession Salary
Electrician $33 per hour
Cook $19 per hour
Welder $27 per hour
Plumber $34 per hour
Carpenter $33 per hour<
Construction worker $21 per hour
Bus driver $23 per hour

Finance: Finance professionals such as accountants, auditors, and financial analysts are in demand, especially in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Profession Salary
Finance Manager $1,20,300
Accountant $97,000
Bank manager $72000
Financial Analyst $1,17,233
Bookkeeper $ 59000

Education: Teachers and educators are in demand across Canada, with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

Profession Salary
Language Teacher $27 per hour
Program Coordinator $ 32 per hour
Teacher $25 per hour
Professor / Lecturer $ 29 per hour
Principle $ 40 per hour

Agriculture: Agriculture and food processing are important industries in Canada, with a demand for skilled workers in areas such as farming, food processing, and livestock management.

Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing professionals are in demand across various industries, with a focus on digital marketing and e-commerce.

It's important to note that labor market demands can change over time and across different regions of Canada. It's recommended to consult with a licensed immigration consultant or lawyer for personalized advice on your immigration options based on your qualifications, work experience, and career goals.

Stay informed about what’s happening in the labor market. Keeping up with the latest developments in your field is key to planning your next job search or recruitment move.

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