Biggest Opportunities and Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

It looks surreal to live perfect life isn’t it? A dream country to live in, a dream job of work and on top of that high paying cheque that helps you in living the best life.

With high-paying job one has the ability to fulfill their desires, wishes and luxuries of life. Well, who doesn’t want to earn well? I am dead sure- everyone wants to get settled in their lives. But do you really get what you wanted in your life?? Or just compromise done with yourself??

Well, there are many people out there who dare to dream and fulfill their immigration dream of coming and settling in Australia. The country provides good working opportunities, better living standard, high-paying jobs and many such benefits.

Wish to know the high paying jobs in Australia that will keep money coffers tight and ever increasing??

Here is the list of top paying jobs in Australia, that if you select for permanent residency will surely going to bring in lot of cash provided you are well-suitable and are pro-in the occupations mention below.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has revealed new statistics that tells us about the highest paying jobs of Australia for the year 2018. The top occupations listed are from medical background. It requires years of study and dedicated long working hours to get what you actually want.

The list is as follows:

  1. Surgeons: The top-most high-paying jobs in Australia is of surgeon, on an average, a surgeon takes AUD 393,467 per annum, as per

Isn’t it lucrative that as surgeon you get to take approx 2 CRS. Annually

  1. Anesthetists: They are the second high-most paying occupation with annual income of AUD 359,056
  2. Internal Medicine Specialists: The annual salary the professionals take away is AUD 291,140
  3. Finance Dealer- This is the only non-medical occupation in the Top 5 with an annual income of AUD 265,309
  4. Psychiatrists: This profession has an annual salary of AUD 211,024
  5. Other Medical Practitioners take away the annual income of AUD 199,590
  6. Judicial and other legal professionals receives an annual income of AUD 198,219 per annum
  7. Mining Engineers with an annual salary of AUD 166,557 per annum is taken home
  8. Chief Executives and Managing Directors receives an annual salary of AUD 158,249
  9. Engineering Managers receives annual salary of AUD 148,852

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