Australia is the most sort-after country for the immigrants to travel study or settle permanently. With the recent advent of tighten immigration rules and process for the Australian Permanent Residency, people are therefore, in search of faster immigration process for Australia PR. Out of all the permanent visa categories, Australia Skilled independent Visa 189 is the safest bet for you to get a quick Australia PR visa.

What is the PR processing time for visa subclass 189?

Australia Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 is a point based skilled migration visa that allows highly skilled and qualified worker to live and work anywhere in Australia for indefinite period of time provided an applicant has a job occupation listed on Australia’s occupational demand list. Additionally, there is no need for a state or territory nomination to apply for Australia 189 visa.

A minimum of 60 points are required to be eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency. The points are awarded for age, educational qualification, work experience, relevant skills, language proficiency and other factors.

Check score using Australia PR Points Calculator

However, with increase in the competition, the applicants are not receiving an invitation to apply with 65 points. As per the latest trends, an applicant needs at least 75 and above to get Australia PR.

Thus, there is different processing time for each application under visa subclass 189. The waiting time depends upon the application status and other essential factors like backlog of applications, number of available places in the skilled independent visa category, submission of complete and accurate documents and other visa queries as and when asked by the immigration officials.

Therefore, as per the Department Of Immigration and Border Protection, 75 per cent of applications are processed within 8 months and 90 per cent of applications are processed within 9 months.

What is the process to apply for visa subclass 189?

  • An applicant must select an occupation relevant to their job description from Medium and long Term strategic skill list.
  • An applicant must meet eligibility requirements:
  1. Age must not be more than 44 years
  2. Must score eligible language proficiency points
  3. Must have done Skill assessment test
  4. Must meet health and character requirements
  • An applicant must score at least 60 points out of 100 on Australia assessment grid.
  • Submit and Expression of Interest (EOI) through online skillselect. It is your way to tell Australian government that you are interested to live and work in Australia. If your profile is liked by the immigration officials, you will be given a letter of invitation (ITA) to apply for Australia PR.
  • You need to revert back within 60 days of receiving ITA
  • Wait for the final decision call by the DIBP on your visa
  • After receiving final call from DIBP, acknowledge receipt of your visa and you may now proceed to start your new life in Australia as a skilled worker.

Visa 189 thus, is the most famous visa category taken by the applicants to apply for Australia PR visa. The applicants with the highest immigration score are invited to apply for Australia 189 PR visa.

How can Aptech Global assist you with Australia PR visa?

Australia PR process is simple but tricky and if one is not well updated with the Australia latest immigration rules and policies, it is suggested to take assistance from most trusted and qualified visa and immigration expert for Australia.

Based on your profile and experience, the visa expert will guide you the best possible Australia PR visa category. Additionally, the visa experts can help you with your visa filing as well as documentation part.

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