A minimum point score is required to apply for a Australian PR. In case you're considering moving to Australia and want to learn more about the points needed for permanent residency, the points chart, the application process, and so on, you've come to the right place! Aptech Visa, India's foremost Australia immigration specialist provides useful information on this topic.

The Australian Points Table

Before you look at the minimum score required for Australia PR, you should understand the numerous factors and sub-parameters that are used to assess your eligibility, as well as the number of points assigned to each.




18 – 24 years: 25 points

25 – 32 years: 30 points

33 – 39 years: 25 points

40 – 44 years: 15 points

English Language Proficiency

Competent: 0 points

Proficient: 10 points

Superior: 20 points

Skilled Employment Last 10 Years Outside Australia

0 – 3 years: 0 points

3 – 5 years: 5 points

5 – 8 years: 10 points

8 – 10 years: 15 points

Skilled Employment Last 10 Years Inside Australia

0 – 1 year: 0 points

1 -3 years: 5 points

3 – 5 years: 10 points

5 – 8 years: 15 points

8 – 10 years: 20 points


Doctorate: 20 points

Bachelors/ Masters: 15 points

Diploma: 10 points

Recognized Universities: 10 points

Australian Education

For more than 1 year: 5 points

Australian Education Qualification(Specialist)

Doctorate / Master’s Degree – 10 points


190 Sub Class: 5 points

491 Sub Class: 15 points

Partner Skills

Spouse has English Competence, No Skill Assessment: 5 Points

Single (Not Married): 10 points

Partner is an Australian PR Holder or an Australian Citizen: 10 points

Spouse/partner has English Competency and Positive Skill Assessment: 10 Points

 The Minimum Points Required for a Permanent Resident Visa in Australia

For an Australia PR, a minimum score of 65 is required. Please note that this is the lowest possible score. An invitation to apply for Australian permanent residency will be more likely if you score well. Your chances of getting invited within a month or two increases if you score between 80 and 85.

Permanent Residence in Australia

Among scores between 80 and 85, you may be invited within the next one to two months.

Eligibility for Australian Visas Requires 65 Points

 Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

This visa allows talented professionals who have been nominated to work, study, and live permanently in Australia. It is required that you receive an invitation to apply and that you have,

1. A job on the list of skilled occupations

2. Get a total of 65 points           

3. The results of the English test

4. Have a skill assessment that is appropriate for the job.

5. Obtain an application invitation

Skill Independent Visa (189)

This visa is for foreign workers who have been invited to Australia and possess the talents that the government requires. It allows the visa holder to reside and work in Australia indefinitely. It is not necessary to have a nominator or a sponsor. To be eligible, the applicant must be under 45 years old. Furthermore, an individual can only apply for this visa if they have received a written invitation to do so.

Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 Processing Times

Visa Processing Time Types

189 Visa for Skilled Independent Workers - 75% of applications are processed within 8 months.

                                                                        - 90% of applications are processed within 11 months.

Skilled Nominated Visa 190 - 75% of applications are processed within 7 months.

                                                - 90% of applications are processed within 9 months.

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