Australia has always been a favourite immigration destination spot for the newcomers! Time and again the Oz country has proved to be amazing in terms of immigration, citizenship and working opportunities for the newcomers.

Australia is amongst the top countries and thus, many people flock in large numbers for better standard of living. The recent report from US News and World Report reiterate Australia’s Status as one of the best immigration aspirants. The survey was conducted in which Australia was ranked among the top 10 countries under citizenship and quality of life.

The survey is conducted every year for top 80 countries of the world, interviewing 20,000 nationals. The survey ranks the countries under multiple parameters of human living. Australia has always done well in this survey and is ranked 3rd best country in the world based on comfortable retirement.

Not only comfortable retirement but there is other parameters as well in which Australia has ranked fairly well:

CategoryGlobal Ranking
Overall Ranking 7
Comfortable Retirement 3
Citizenship 8
Quality of Life 7
Raising Children  8
Women 8
Education 6
Green Living 11


  • Best for Citizenship and Quality of Life

Australia’s ranking for Citizenship and quality of life is leading proof for settlement and permanent residency. The people migrating to Australia are happy being settled in the country and that is prime reason of them applying for Australian citizenship. The country offers so much to the newcomers be it in terms of employment opportunities, living standards, and Canada PR/Citizenship benefits. The rankings above are solid proof that people are considering coming and settling in Australia on permanent basis.

  • Ranks number 3 for Comfortable Retirement

This parameter determines the status of the country. In the survey led by US News and World Report the survey showed that people consider Australia as their first choice for comfortable retirement. This feature also includes tax benefits, cost of living, quality of life etc. Australia was well placed in all these factors.

How can Aptech Global assist you with Applying for Australia PR?

Australia offers permanent residency visa programs under different categories like skill migration programs and family sponsorship programs. You must select the visa category in which you have the highest possible chances of applying for Australian Permanent Residency.

For further information related to Australia PR and your maximum immigration chances, fill the free assessment form to arrange a call-back from the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global. 

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