Australia Immigration announced new regulation for family reunion (Australia Partner Visa 2023)


On 19 November 2022,

The Albanese Australian government announced that Australian partner visas will be simpler for families to reunite

Under the new changes, Family visa applications where the sponsor is an Australian PR visa holder who entered Australia as an Unlawful Maritime Arrival (UMA) no longer receive the lowest processing priority in the Family visa stream.

The Albanese Australian government is improving the family reunion pathways for those Australian PR visa holders, many of whom have been separated from family for over a decade or more.

Now Australian Family reunion pathway processing times will depend on various factors such as

  1. quality and completeness of applications
  2. Application mode (Online or Offline)
  3. how quickly do you respond to DHA requests for more information
  4. how long DHA takes to verify the required checks
  5. External agencies' responses relating to health, character and national security requirements

Want to know how much it costs on moving to Australia with a partner visa or How to apply for an Australia Partner visa from India

Australia Partner visa subclass 309:

If you planning to get marry a person who is an Australian PR holder or Citizen or is already married to a person who is living in Australia on the basis of a PR visa or Citizenship, the first question that comes to the mind

  1. how can apply for an Australian Partner visa,
  2. what are the requirements to apply for an Australia spouse visa and
  3. what is a guarantee of success of an Australia Partner visa and
  4. Australia partner visa cost etc.

The immigration application procedures are very complicated. it is often uncertain what will be visa status. So in our blog, you will get all of your queries answered and will explain you Australia Partner visa process in the easiest possible way.

Australia Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309:

Australia does not offer PR visas directly to spouses or partners of Australian PR holders or citizens. So first DHA allows you to Stay in Australia temporary basis, this is the first step towards getting an Australian permanent Partner visa (subclass 100).

What you can do on this visa:

  1. You can live, work and study in Australia till your Australian Partner PR visa decision is finalized.
  2. There is no restriction on your travel means you can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want
  3. Get free access to Australia's public health care Medicare benefits.

Australia partner visa requirements:

As we all know Applying for Australia partner PR has never been a straightforward process but is becoming more harder day by day. So make sure before applying for an Australia partner visa you are meeting the requirements set out by the department of home affairs Australia, (DHA).

  • 1) Genuine Relationship:
  • Your relationship must be genuine, You must be able to prove that you and your partner are in a genuine and stable relationship. Most applicants make the mistake of not trying to convince the department of home affairs Australia How long they have been together, and how committed they are to a life together.

  • 2) Eligible sponsor:
  • Your partner must be an eligible sponsor to support your application, how your partner can be an eligible sponsor, Department of home affairs assess your eligibility on various factors some of which are

    1. be aged 18 or over,
    2. must meet each other before applying for a visa
    3. not be close relatives. Etc.

  • 3) Sufficient funds or source of income:
  • Your spouse who is an Australian PR holder or citizen must be having sufficient funds or income to support your spouse in Australia and you must be sharing financial responsibilities with each other.

  • 4) Family ties:
  • Your Family ties play an important role to get a positive or favourable visa decision.

    The more you explain the better you have a chance to get an Australia partner visa

  • 5) Health character requirements:
  • All the applicants of age 18 years and above must meet health (medical) and character (Police clearance certificate) requirements.

As we are all aware Australia Immigration rules are frequently volatile, which can happen when you are in the middle of the application process, meaning that one minute you are eligible to apply, the next you are not." So please keep in touch with our Australia spouse/partner visa expert for a smooth journey

Australia Partner visa cost:

Australian partner visa cost depends upon the country you are applying from, if you are applying for an Australian partner visa from India it will cost you

  1. Australia Partner visa processing fee: AUD $ 8,085
  2. Medical charges INR 5000/-
  3. Police clearance INR 1000/-

Australia Partner visa processing Time;

The Australia partner or spouse visa processing time is depends upon various factors such as quality of documents, verification of information, and health & police clearance authority repones as well but the current processing time for Australia Partner or spouse is below

  1. 25% of applications: 5 - 8 Months
  2. 50% of applications: 10 - 12 Months
  3. 75% of applications: 16 - 18 Months
  4. 90% of applications: 20 - 24 Months

How Aptech visa can help you in getting your Australian partner PR visa

If youre planning to apply for Australia partner visa from India, youre probably wondering whether you should hire immigration agent or do yourself . In case if you are not up to date Australia immigration norms then the process can be much more complex and daunting than you thought.

So be wise hire the right immigration consultant to proceed your application.

How Aptech visa can help you to fulfil or get succeed your Australian Partner visa application

  • 1) Expertise in Immigration field:
  • If you want to make sure everything is done perfectly. Aptech visa is experts in their field, have up-to-date knowledge on Australian immigration law, and have helped numerous other applicants with successful Australia partner visa applications.

    Since we follow a Code of Conduct, we obliged to act in your best interest. This means well provide you with professional immigration advice throughout the whole visa process,

  • 2) Streamline the process
  • Aptech visa knows which documents are required and how to best prepare them. And as per Australia immigration norms , submitting an application thats properly prepared can make it easier to get a faster decision on your Australia spouse visa.

  • 3) 99.9 % Success commitment:
  • We have 99.9 % success rate in the case of Australia partner visa, because we know

    1. How Department of Home affairs Australia (DHA) assess your Australia Partner visa application,
    2. What evidence required to prove your partnership
    3. Strong family ties etc.

Whatever language you speak or the colour of your skin, we all have our dreams. We are here at Aptech visa to guide you regarding Australia partner visa process.

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I am Kavita from Hissar Haryana, I applied my Australia Partner visa from Punjab one of agent but get refused. It was a tough time and became very frustrating for me, "Cross-religion relationships often carry additional issues, normally due to beliefs that can often differ from what you each hold.

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