It is no surprise that moving to Australia is a long way down under, however, AUSTRALIA IMMIGRATION is the ultimate dream of many folks who are looking forward to make a roaring success. Right from the stunning beaches to the picturesque views, Kangaroo Land never fails to astound the aspiring candidates who want to transform their dream of Immigration into a beautiful reality.

The Kangaroo Land is a popular destination for the highly qualified and skilled professionals, particularly IT Professionals, Accountants, Doctors, Surveyors and many more. So, if you want to achieve this dream of yours, however are not aware of how to make it happen, you can seek the assistance from the best AUSTRALIA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS, who’ll guide you with the exemplary services.

However, post AUSTRALIA IMMIGRATION, have a look at some of the tips and tricks so that you can give a positive start to your new life in Kangaroo Land.

  • Scrounge for a Right Accommodation

Finding a place where you are going to live is a major concern that you face post moving. After all, a new place where you don’t know anything, it’s always better to find a great place to live so that you can give a hassle-free start to your new life.

In Kangaroo Land, there is no dearth of places to live, however you need to find the perfect place at the right time. Well, at first it’s difficult to buy your own property, however, all you can do is rent a property. Well, prior to renting a property, there are certain things that you should consider such as:

  1. Make sure that the lease papers have your name. Sounds obvious but it’s important for you as a new migrant to start making a positive credit history. Having a positive credit history will help you get loans easily.
  1. Prior to renting a house, check the proximity of your house to the public transport. It’s always better to rent a house near the public transport as it can help you save your precious time, that otherwise will not be possible if you rent a house far from the public transport.

Well, if you don’t know how the entire process works, you can seek the professional services from the AUSTRALIA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS who can be your perfect guide throughout the entire process, so that you experience a stress-free journey from filing an application to settling in Kangaroo Land.

  • Download Some Handy Apps and Keep Things Simple

In the digitized world, the phone has become a necessity. So, it’s always advisable to download some of the apps that would make your life much easier. Have a Look at some of the Apps that you must have in your phone.

  1. Travel Apps : It includes apps related to public transports that in turn will ease your travel.
  2. Job Searching Apps : Finding a job in a new place is not an easy task, however, if you download the apps, you can easily find your dream job without any hassle.
  1. Gumtree : It is a household trading app under which you can purchase second-hand bikes, Houses and many more. It is the best site that is used by Australians to buy a house or sell a house.
  1. Apps for Accommodation : It will help you find a perfect dwelling for you to stay. 
  1. Weather Apps : It is an essential app that is used to check weather as it varies from day to day.
  • Don’t Forget to Apply for a Tax File Number

Without a Tax File Number, you would have to pay a higher tax. So, if you want to apply for a Tax file number to reduce the tax burden, you have 28 days to apply once you start working. Below-mentioned is a process to apply for a Tax File Number. Have a Look!

  1. Explore the website,, that is a formal government website to submit your application to apply for a file tax number. Be Aware of spammers.
  1. Having a Bank Account is a must if you want to apply for a tax file number. So, if you don’t have a bank account, open one, so that there is no burden on the amount of tax.
  1. All you can do is get this process done with the help of the AUSTRALIA VISA CONSULTANTS, who can help you apply for this.

Note to Consider* Everyone who’s working in Kangaroo Land is liable to pay the tax irrespective of any country or origin. So, make sure you pay the taxes timely.


If you’re planning to start Australia Immigration by applying for Australian PR, it’s always a good idea to assign the entire task to the best AUSTRALIA VISA CONSULTANTS. After all, it’s always better than throwing the darts in the dark, because even a small mistake can result in the denial of your PR Visa Application. So, explore the internet and find the best AUSTRALIA PR CONSULTANT DELHI who’ll guide you nothing but the best.

Eager to check your eligibility for PR? Well, all you can do is fill in the free online assessment form so that you can get your eligibility checked without facing any hassle. So, make a ballsy move this year and transform your mere vision into a breath-taking reality. Good Luck!

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