This visa, as its name suggests, enables married partners of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to enter and stay in Australia permanently. Married partners include same-sex partners as well as opposite-sex spouses. It is our responsibility at Aptech Visa to take care of obtaining this visa for you through careful evaluation, counselling, and visa application procedure.

Despite having three main subclasses, partner visas can be broadly divided into two categories: partner visas and visas for upcoming marriages. The kind of relationship you are in will determine the sort of visa you should apply for.

What are the Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas for Australia?

An Australian Spouse Visa is also known as an Australian Partner Visa. The Australian spouse who is the main candidate must be either an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or a citizen of New Zealand.

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Your spouse (husband or wife) or your de facto partner (fiancé, in a committed relationship), can immigrate to Australia with the help of an Australia spouse visa.

Australian Spouse Visa Requirements for Eligibility

The primary prerequisite for a Spouse Visa in Australia is that the marriage must be sincere and long-lasting.

  • You and your spouse have a stable home together.
  • Applicant must be married for at least a year.
  • Both of you must meet the requirements for character and health.

What is the processing time for Australia Spouse Visa?

Visa Type

Processing time 75% of applications

Processing time of 90% applications

309- Provisional Visa

11 months

15 months

100- Permanent Visa

20 months

23 months

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What You Need To Know About the Partner Visa in Australia

How can you apply from India for a spouse visa?

Step 1: Prepare your documents.

Any document that could expedite the immigration or visa process must be available to you.

Step 2: Submission of the Australia Spouse Visa Application

An online partner visa application must be submitted. You must pay the fees and maintain the receipt after submitting your application for a partner visa.

Step 3: Request a DHA ruling.

After you submit the partner visa application, the DHA takes some time to decide on your visa request.

Step 4: Wait and acquire approval

Once the DHA has given its clearance, you can then apply for your visa and proceed as necessary.

Remember that getting and processing a spouse visa frequently takes a year or longer. Therefore, it is best to start your application procedure as soon as possible.

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What are the main factors that preclude receiving a permanent partner visa?

To change from a temporary to a permanent partner visa, you don't need to spend two years living in Australia with your partner if:

  • You and your Australian partner have been together for at least five years and have children who are dependent on you as a couple. 
  • The duration of your connection must have exceeded two years.
  • You and your spouse had a legal connection before they applied for protection or a permanent visa.

What advantages come with getting a Spouse Dependent Visa?

The Spouse Dependent Visa has a number of advantages, including the following:

  • You will be qualified to apply for citizenship in Australia.
  • You will qualify for social security benefits.
  • Australia is a gateway country (for 5 years).

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