All About Medical Requirements for Canada Immigration

Before getting your final permit to immigrate to Canada permanently, you are required to undergo a medical examination. This is to ensure that you are a healthy individual, not having any sort of disease which is communicable or proves to be deadly for the Canadian population in terms of spread.

Canadian government only invites those skilled individuals who are a non-threat to the economy-both politically as well as medically. In order to prove so, you need to take medical tests.

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These tests generally involve:

a)      Blood tests

b)     Urine tests

c)      X-rays

The validity of your medicals is a period of 1 year. In case, your PR visa has not been granted before the expiry of the medicals, then these will stand void and you have to repeat these series of steps all over again.

Points to keep in mind while getting your medicals done:

1)     Your medical examiner needs to have all the right information regarding you; the history of your health issues, past long-term disease pattern, etc.

2)     Also, any current or ongoing health problem must be expressed prior to commencement of health check-ups

3)     Pregnant applicants need not undergo X-ray tests on account of it being a risk for the heath of the fetus and the mother. However, after the birth of the baby, both the mother and the child need to undergo the same series of X-ray tests as required.

4)     Medical tests must be undertaken by approved doctors under the seal of IRCC. These approved doctors are listed under ‘Designated Panel Physicians’, a list of doctors by IRCC.

5)     If you have already untaken medical tests for any temporary visa and now you want to immigrate to Canada on a Permanent Resident Visa, then you need to re-take these tests for approval of your PR visa.

6)     Medical examination results need a dealing out time of about 3 months. Make sure you apply well in time.

One more important aspect is all the accompanying members also need to take the medical examinations. This means that along with Primary applicant, secondary/accompanying applicant(s) also has to be fit and fine both mentally and physically.

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