Six facts about Canada immigration that will make you think twice
Six facts about Canada immigration that will make you think twice

By Aptechvisa [Published Tue, Mar 03 2020]

Immigrating to a new country is such a big undertaking, especially in one where the culture is like as Canada. The country is well popular for family reunification which intends you to come and live together with family members. 


Canada is all set to welcome myriad of skilled immigrants with a motive to contribute towards the growth and development of economy. Over the past years, it recorded thousands of well qualified and skilled immigrants. It broke records by inviting approximately 3, 41, 000 immigrants for the year 2019 and it expects around 3, 60,000 immigrants for the year 2020.  

Under the Canada immigration process, it operates a point based system wherein you need to attain desired point along with right set of attributes. Points will be achieved by undertaking six selection key factors depending on your age, educational credentials, and English language ability, number of skilled work experience and adaptability factors to Canada labor market.

Do you wonder about Canada immigration? Let’s sketch out certain key six facts that make you thrilling:

  • Holds wide open doors.

The immigration to Canada usually opens major pathways to become a resident in Canada. You can opt any suitable immigration programs which suits you the most. A number of Canada immigration programs available like online Express Entry, provincial nominee program, family sponsorship and so on.

  • Fast track immigration process.

Immigrate to Canada is known to be fast process as compared to other country with having no gap and overlapping. The overall Canada immigration processing time is around 6-8 months which seems to be lesser processing time.

  • Accessible point system.

Canada invites competent immigrants by using easy accessible point based system. You just need to score at least 67 immigration points or above out of 100 in order to become eligible for Canada immigration.

  • Systematic and organized immigration process.

The process under immigration to Canada involves step by step and orderly path for immigrating and to enter into Canada. From first step till last stage, you will be well informed about all requirements and it is to be complete unless you come into desired destination.

  • Sponsor your family relatives.

You can bring your loved ones and eligible relatives through Canada immigration Family sponsorship. Canada offers you the benefit to live along with your family members, provided you must meet certain criteria.

  • Grants you for Canada Permanent Residents.

Canada is in need to serve the country with brilliant leaders and thus it gives you priority to become permanent residents which in turn makes you eligible for living and working for an indefinite time period.

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