6 Salient key factors that effectively form pathways to Canada immigration
6 Salient key factors that effectively form pathways to Canada immigration

By Aptechvisa [Published Wed, Mar 18 2020]

Canada is a ravishing economy with expanding wider opportunities to overseas individuals and avail numerous exciting benefits while staying and working in Canada. From over the past years, it welcomes thousands of potential folks with an eclectic cultural background who further helps in booming economy.


The Canada immigration levels plans of 2020-2022 made a spark issues. These issues have done on how much immigrants will Canada to invite, on what factors they select suitable applicants, under which categories they will fall and on whether Canada has enough capacity to integrate newcomers into its society and economy.

Canada is used to intake of large number of immigrants through certain key factors which you can point out from the following points:

  1. Demographics and Economics

Inviting immigrants in Canada through Canada immigration process is considered as one the economic necessity due to Canada demographic and economic circumstances. Canada is recognized as a world’s oldest populated and having lowest birth rates. Apparently, Canada is in constant need to invite outsiders for promoting demographic growth and sustaining in economic development.


  1. Integration capacity of Canada

In the overall Canada immigration process, it is being considered that immigrants are invited for integrity of Canada labor workforce. Additionally, while immigrating, it needs to ensure that entire resources are in right place such as affordable housing, healthcare services and public transportation to support large population.


  1. Processing Capacity of Canada

It becomes evident to process visa application under Canada immigration processing time. The processing time varies from country to country. Canada used to evaluate the capacity of immigrants of how many immigrants are required to come and within at what processing time.


  1. Global situations

Immigration to Canada is depending on certain suitable global circumstances for ensuring right applicants to move to Canada with satisfying the global demands of Canada. As a member of International community, Canada has an obligation to assist when humanitarian crises does occur.


  1. Canada Policy goals

Canada has set up all policy goals for the various reasons, to reunite families, to growth of economy and helps refugees. However, overseas workers help in forming the shape of economy. The lengths of immigrants through Canada immigration process has been raised up by inviting around 40% outsiders each year in various categories.


  1. Politics factor

Politics is one of the major influential factors in Immigration to Canada and at the end, it solely depends on political decision of whether or not invites applicant and by how many numbers. No matter how the economic justification is and how public feels, the government made on final decision of whether is does impact on coming election time.

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